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Domain Registration

A group of computers and devices on a network that are controled as a unit with common rules and procedures. Within the Internet, domains are different by the IP address. Every devices sharing a common part of the IP address are said to be in the same domain. To create a new domain, we do the two things: 1.Find a name server for the domain name to live on. 2. Register the domain name.

Technically, there does not require to be a mechanism in the domain but there just needs to be a name server that be able to handle the needs for the domain name.

Types of Domains

The domain types are normally being introduced but some should be used with care and surely not as a primary website address. Here are its types :

  • Top Level Domains(TLD): These are at the uppermost level in the DNS structure of the Internet. There are several different types of TLD's, being:

  • country code Top Level Domains(ccTLD) – The Two letter domains recognized for geographical locations; for example: .in refers india.

  • generic Top Level Domain(gTLD)- The best recognized generic TLD's include .com, .net, .org, .biz, and .info - these can be registered by anyone, anyplace in the world. However, some of the new gTLD's more newly released have various limitations.

  • internationalised country code top-level domains(IDN ccTLD)- A top-level name with a particularly encoded format that allows it to be displayed in a non-Latin character set. (i.e. special characters).

  • Below are the TLD's are various other levels:

  • Second level Domain- It is Directly below a TLD in the DNS hierarchy, e.g: .au, .com

  • Third level Domain- It is Directly below a second level in the DNS hierarchy. e.g.

  • Subdomain- The Part of a higher ranked domain name in DNS hierarchy; e.g.

Domain Registration and Web Hosting

The domain name is like the address of your residence. On the other hand ,web hosting is the space of your house. While you register a domain, it gives you solitary ownership and rights to the name of your website. No one else has the access to the actual name of that exacting domain besides you. The web hosting is normally referring to the web server that stores plenty of data files.



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