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Digital Marketing

Reach More People

In Digital Marketing you can target local audience and also international one. Further, you can modify a campaign to specific audience demographics, such as gender, age, location and interests. But in ordinary marketing it is not possible to reach more people. In Digital Marketing you can Interaction with your customer but the traditional marketing methods don't allow for customer interaction. Digital marketing package includes Website design, SEO and Social Media Marketing. It consist of the following things such as

We are providing you to form the groups of Sales & Development team on WhatsApp. Because using whatsapp you can share instant messages for which an email is not required. We have been produce video content for your business in YouTube. Using Youtube you can create short tutorials or product demonstrations about your business. Consider creating a corporate profile or company history video. You can interview the staff, customers, owners, or even yourself.

Digital Marketing facilities provides interation with targeted audiences. It entices people to take favourable action. We are providing the best services for our clients in Digital Marketing.

Google Ads

When people have some ideas or have questions, they go to Google and search for answers. Then there is an opportunity to show our company, show our products or show our business. For example, if someone wants to buy peanut butter, he / she will go to Google and try to buy the product. But Google will give them some free results about peanut butter. But how to introduce them to our factory-made peanut butter? That's why we want to advertise our product; Google ads (Adwords) are the best way for us. The name Google adwords is also known as Google ads. It is very good that we are developing paid ads in our corporate product. If someone clicks on our ad we will pay Rs 10. We can pay - Rs. 100 and get profits Rs 200. We have to do it all day long. Everyone clicks on your ad that Google will charge you.

Domain Registration in Chennai

Foremost in the funnel is everyone in the world looking for peanut butter and actually delivering your ads. People click on the ad to buy our corporate products. As we grow in each segment, these 100 percent people are looking for peanut butter, and 100 percent of the people on your website will buy your product. So similarly our growing corporate products with Google ads will reach all people successfully

Domain Registration in Chennai

Online Ads

Online ads are a great way to sell to consumers on the internet. Online Ads Better known as, internet advertising, digital advertising, web advertising and online marketing. Now a day’s lots of people’s are using mobile phones with internet. They are clicking, watching and searching lots of sites. We can show our ad to people in anywhere, or in their own website. Such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We do not know if you have noticed any websites or your own page before? There are some short messages that are displayed as advertisements. For example, when we visit the news today page on online, we see lots of advertisements. About business, products, educations, company. Just like that we can introduce our business products to them. When we advertise to them, we can earn lots of consumers. As well as lots of online ads are available on the internet.

Like these display ads, native ads, video ads, in-line ads, in-image ads, in-screen ads. When we advertise our products in these kinds of advertising ways they will know that we are working for them.

Facebook Boost Post

Success is the mix of lot of small things done well, each and every day. The Facebook post is one of advertising. We have uploading a lot of posts on Facebook. Essentially we need to upload posts daily. But these posts will only reach people we know or have friends with. But how do we get our advertising across to new people? This is where we are going to use the boost post that Facebook gives. When we boost our post we could see different types of previews, like phone, instagram and Facebook in-screen previews. Boosting a post will help we get more customers to react, share, message and comments on post. It also reaches new people who are likely interested in our page or products. We can set our target to the people who want to see. We should pay Rs. 100 per day in Indian rupees to our boost post. Here is benefit to us. When we boost our post it will reach to our friends of friends or new people.

Domain Registration in Chennai
Domain Registration in Chennai

Onpage SEO

Seo stands for search engine optimization. Seo makes it easy to increase our traffic and sales by showing you exactly how people find and use your website. Just how easy it is for Google to find our website. We have lot of search engines. Following Google, Bing and yahoo etc... But most of the searchers are done on Google. First we want to figure out about our blog to Google. For that we are using keywords, heading tags, Meta tags and image seo and website structure. The important thing creates our title related with our blog name, using primary keywords, sub titles. These are the way we will reach to top on Google. When customers search apple phone on search bar there is Google give lots of results with about our blog products to the customers. Likewise we get unbelievable traffic to our blog.

Google Webmaster Tool

The Google Search console was formerly known as the Google Webmaster Tool. It is a free tool of Google. This is one of the things that can track the performance of your website. It mentions your website’s clicks, impressions, click through rates, positions. Additionally, you can check further functionality using the Google search console I.e., Sitemap Submission, URL Indexability, Error Identification, Internal link and External link pages, Mobile Usability and AMP page checking. We can even see that we have received traffic from any of the countries and how many clicks were received from mobile and desktop. The Google search console will be just as helpful as how easy it would be if we had a tool that could clearly point out our blog mistakes. It will show you where you are and what errors are on which side. Google does not discriminate between web owners. As a civil engineer suggests the idea of building a building, Google will alert you to take your website to the first place.

Domain Registration in Chennai
Domain Registration in Chennai

Google Business Page

Google business page allows you to keep your site registered with Google. In this page you can store your phone numbers, website links, and directions. Further your address locations, photos, videos, working hours and descriptions also will store. After adding everything to the Google, it will easily show to people the details of your website, when they search on Google related your website or some products. But what benefits do we get from the Google business page? Customers may ask about your products when they view your phone number on Google or when they’re near your Google map address, they can easily find out your office and talk to you. This is the three reasons why Google business page listing is important. 1. over the 50% of consumers search for local business online But 75% of them on Google.

2. Your Google provide business listing your home powerful ad free online advertising available. Of course 85% of people trust online. 3. Most of the people 50% will look you up online and app like Google maps.

Blog Creation and Maintenance

It refers to uploading the daily ideas and new products of our business to the people. A blog is the logging about thoughts, ideas and experiences in more all in one place on the web. Blog reasoning uses few things. That is thoughts, opinions, news and anything. Most of the blogs themes have four main sections. That is header, sidebar, footer and the body. In sidebar includes widgets, we want highlight such as our favorite links, popular contents of our blog, recent activities subscription option and social media. The footer is rest of the bottom of our blog. This is typically used for display about us and our contact page, most important area of our blog in the body. Here we can write our own content regarding your business or services. If the content of our blog seems to satisfy the customers, they will want to come back to our website.

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This is the primary reason people come to our blog. Do we want people to be interested and involved in our blog? You want to spend hours each week. We want to do captivating content, attractive layout, appropriate picture, frequent maintenance and renowned platform. Do we want to improve our blog? For that we want update day and night.

Domain Registration in Chennai

Article Submission

Article submission is the process of submitting an article about our business or website on a freely available website. Submitting an article can increase the traffic of our website, backlinks and awareness of our products. When writing articles it is important to make sure that they are relevant and adequate for our site. The comments in our article should be self-opinion and have a minimum of 500-700 words. Only then will the ranking of our website take place faster. Make the articles more interesting by adding bullets, numberings and subheadings. Add the main keywords into title of the article. It helps the web crawlers to identify the topic of your title. When we do all this, it creates traffic for our site. Our website rankings are high on all search engines. The visibility of our site will definitely increase when submitting our article on a site with good crowding. Domain authority, page authority and domain rating also will increase.

SEO Quality Checker

SEO has many features. From finding keywords to competitor analysis there are hundreds of services. It doesn’t matter. Whether you have a small business or a large company; you must be successful on the internet. The best way to benefit from SEO is to use an SEO tool that includes as many features as possible. You should check your website thoroughly with some tools. You are starting from an overview of domain performance. Per-page SEO effectiveness reports keywords recommendations, content ideas and backlink data. Besides all the features, it offers also has a very friendly and intuitive user interface. This provides detailed and helpful information on adjusting and improving a website. It helps SEO specialists and website owners by showing bad redirects, duplicate pages or content missing metadata on their website, and many more helpful insights to improve your rankings.

Domain Registration in Chennai
Domain Registration in Chennai

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline. As the business process robs marketing business find new ways comeback noise other marketing campaigns and reach buyers where they are. In set of finding customers to email marketing and cold calling marketers purpose on effectiveness and relationship building. Since lead generation is step one of the sales process quantities and quality is very important. Buyers and learn to ignore the messages that are not relevant or appealing to them and research on the own what they want to know about certain products or services. This makes your companies digital presents more important. A solid lead generation strategy will help you build trust and get maintains the interest of potential buyers before they are even ready to talk the sales.

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps us to inform our new customers about the business, new products and services. It helps us communicating with our customers is one of the things that can help develop communication and keep buying our business products. For example what if we were involved as a customer in email marketing? If we had gone to different websites and posted our details, they would have kept us informed about their products. Not only that, they will develop good communication with us. In the same way we can develop good communication with our customers. This will strengthen our business. Customers can also visit our sites via link email. So you can reach a lot of customers through email marketing. That’s nearly 50% of the world’s population that has an email account. What’s more there are 281 billion emails sent a day.

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Email marketing is super quick to set up and you can send things really quickly you’ll reach your contacts in seconds. Now this is something that’s really changed since the early days of email marketing.

Domain Registration in Chennai

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is used for targeting our consumers or new ones through SMS. Your customers are caring with them 24 hours a day 365 days in years. And by using text messaging to connect with them you can capture to the attention immediately you can user attention to drive them to store. Let’s check out some facts by using text messages to connect with customer 1) there are twice as many active users of SMS than of email 2) the messaging app is the most used app on people’s phones open it average of 407 times each days. 3) 98% of all text messages are read by the recipient verses only 20% for emails and just 5% of apps notifications. 4) Text club members increase their frequency visits by 23% and their average them by 21%. Imaging impact of your business a people visit at 23% more frequently and spent 21% more your business.

If on that SMS subscribers are twice as many return visits none a SMS subscribers of 17% more than members of the company’s loyalty program. So obviously you can reach to more customers through this marketing.

Whatsapp Marketing

WhatsApp is a useful and powerful messaging app where anyone can use it for personal use and business purposes. When you use the WhatsApp personal app, sending multiple messages can put your account at risk. Better to use WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp has a modern 1 billion real users. This is a free Mobile App that anyone can use today. In countries like India, more than 400 million people use WhatsApp. WhatsApp has reached the global level. People communicate faster with the help of messaging services and tons of active users use the features of WhatsApp. Smart businesses use this for the benefit of their business. You can use WhatsApp as one of your marketing strategies. You can provide quick and real-time customer service and communicate with your customers, respond to their inquiries and resolve issues right away.

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WhatsApp is not limited to sending plain text messages to those on your list; you can send messages as videos and use them to promote new products or services. We can also grow our business using WhatsApp which has many ways to grow the business. We let you know that there is a Micron Systems to create and deliver those great ways.

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