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Cheap Domain Registration in Chennai

HiHoster is a unit of Micron Systems for Domain Registration. You can register .com, .net, .org, .in, .co.in, .org.in and .biz domains those are famous domains!

Through HiHoster you can book Cheap Domain Registration in Chennai and purchase hosting space. A group of computers and devices on a network that are controled as a unit with common rules and procedures. Within the Internet, domains are different by the IP address. Every devices sharing a common part of the IP address are said to be in the same domain. To create a new domain, we do the two things: 1.Find a name server for the domain name to live on. 2. Register the domain name.

Technically, there does not require to be a mechanism in the domain but there just needs to be a name server that be able to handle the needs for the domain name.

What is a domain?

Domain is the address we type in the browsers’ search bar to find content about that particular website. It is unique which cannot be shared. Your website can be changed, but your domain name will not be changed. Parts of the domain are top level domain or parent domain. Another is second level domain.

Domain Registration in Chennai
Domain Registration in Chennai

What is the proper way to own a domain?

The buying of domain names comes with the availability look up. We do this by using the perfect tool to check. Choose a domain registrar, do domain search,. From that find the best option which suits your business. Further, finalize as soon as possible and finish your domain registration. Finally, verify your owner of your domain. We, the Micron Systems will help you to get your own domain and make it live through www.hihoster.com. Your domain should be registered with your own email, otherwise you would not be considered as the owner of your domain. Hihoster will provide you separate domain control panel to change name servers and redirects.

Domain expiry and domain renewal. What is grace period?

When a domain expires it will be inactive. Before the expiry there will be a notification mail at various time limits to the customer as well the registrar. So for renewing contact your registrar, for the possible available renewal options. There will be a usual renewal grace period of 30 days provided. Still, domain will be withdrawn from its work till renewal. If it is not renewed on a timely basis then domain name will be provided to first come first.

Domain Registration in Chennai
Domain Registration in Chennai

How to select the perfect domain name?

Domain names play a role in SEO as well as the impression of the people needing to be selected very carefully. There are some ways we can select by using proper extension of domain, words which will be of interest as well fit your business, ideas and keywords need to be unique. Make it easy to type, need to be as much as short which will be easy to remember.

What is TLD and Country based domains?

TLD is the top level domain. It is the last portion of the domain name. it is situated in the back or right side of the domain name. Country based domains are used to show the site’s relation to a particular country or region or language.

Domain Registration in Chennai
Domain Registration in Chennai

Who is the Registrar and Registry?

Registry is an organization doing top level domain. They also set rules for it and work with registrars to sell the domain extensions to the business people. Registrar is the company which takes your order and reserves your domain. The registrar will submit the information to the central directory that is registry. Registry enters your information into a database which will visualize your details on the website.

What is premium domain?

Premium domains are high quality domains which are registered priorly, but available for sale at today’s market value, because it is increasing the traffic on the website. These premium domain names are very short, easy to pronounce, searched on a regular basis, unforge

Domain Registration in Chennai
Domain Registration in Chennai

Who is a domain reseller? Is Micron Systems a domain reseller?

Domain resellers are the agent or representative who is buying the domain from the domain registrar and selling for the profit. Domain resellers can be individuals or companies. If any client approaches them for a website they buy it from the registrar matching this business with the margin commission from the registrar and from the client. In short, domain resellers are who just resell the domain registrar.

What is Domain age? and really it matters?

Domain age is the time period the domain name is existing, like human age how old the domain is alive. Example, if a domain name was registered in 2005, at 2020 the domain age is 15 years. This domain name helps a client or business person to get a top list through the search engine as it already searched. The second important factor of domain age is which improves the traffic as it is already established, the next is the reputation is already high in the market, this age will be used by google for inspection date and paid details.

Domain Registration in Chennai
Domain Registration in Chennai

Godaddy Domain Appraisal Value

Godaddy appraisal uses a machine to exactly predict the value of a domain name. Because of this tool many guessing works are avoided. It can appraise domain names from any other registrars still it has best accuracy in English based domains. It is done by focusing on precise wording of a domain. It considers SEO terms when selecting a domain.

Does length of the domain really matter?

The length of the domain when it's short and easy to read, memorize and remember, is sharable which helps many people to use it. Seo traffic will increase. But on the other hand, it's not that length of the domain really matters. Domain names will increase the retention of the website on the internet.

Domain Registration in Chennai
Domain Registration in Chennai

which is best TLD among .com, .net, .org ?

The best TLD is based on how much memorable as per the mental categorization 44% people remember .com followed by .co by nature which is automatically. Directly to say .com is the best as it is common extension as well most companies values carried based on this. .com is google preferred extension, so no need to worry about the search engine impact. . org also a well known , well trusted domain.this extension is mostly used in non profit institutions. .Net extension is in second place as it is accepted as an authorized extension. But still this both will not compensate .com.

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